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Bad habits/Old habits …

Old habits….


Got any old habits that you might be finding in later years that perhaps don’t serve you very well? I am definitely finding that myself.


As women, our bodies go through all sorts of stages in our lives. After a certain age, certain things aren’t normal anymore. For myself, yes - I am post menopausal. I have had some instances of bleeding that really aren’t supposed to happen. I told myself (and not my doctor which is the old habit) that it was stress related. Recently, it was too much to ignore, however, and the timing of my annual visit made it a good time to fess up. I’m great at doing my annual checkups - but not always so great at letting my health care provider know exactly everything that’s gone on in the past year. I let her know this time and was sent for a pelvic ultrasound to see what might be the cause.


I know that a lot of people don’t go to the doctor regularly. Why?  I think a big part is fear. Fear of finding something that’s going on in your body that you don’t think is going to be good news. We all know of those things that happen. You’re not feeling well and you’re afraid that if you do go to the doctor, you’ll get the bad news that you have cancer or some such thing.


Our bodies are amazing - we can heal all sorts of injuries when you think about it. But there are times when they need some help and they also need us to listen.


I’ve been listening to a lot of Louise Hay healing meditations and she was so wise. I’d highly encourage listening to any of hers, but the one I’ve been listening to is Heal Your Body. I also have her wonderful book, You Can Heal Your Life.


I’ve been healthy for most of my life. For right now, however, it seems I have some healing to do.


It started with the postmenopausal bleeding and then during my ultrasound, I heard that “there’s a lot going on in there” - did I ask for clarification? Nope! Well not too long after that I ended up with a kidney infection that brought me to the emergency room at 3 a.m. I ended up being admitted and finding out that besides that, I have kidney stones. I’d had no idea. Ended up having surgery while in the hospital to help my kidneys while finding out that a second surgery would be needed to remove the stones - heavy duty blasting needed, thank you.


A CT scan that was done while I was there showed a few other things - thickening of the lining of the uterine wall. Then a “spot” on one of my bones. I realized that they were thinking that maybe cancer that has metastasized - that would be the worst case scenario. So far the biopsy has come back benign and a procedure will need to be done to take care of that. They recommended a PET scan - I’ve heard of those but had no idea what to expect. Thankfully I am not claustrophobic, so none of these scans that I’ve had (radioactive bone scan, too) have been an issue. It’s the waiting game, though.


A day later and results are in. I did wait for the doctor’s office to call, as per the email telling you that results are in. For me, no cancer. What I have is Paget’s disease - a bone deformity. I looked in my Louise Hay book - probable cause is “Feeling there is no longer any foundation to build on. ‘Nobody cares’” I find this interesting. I was adopted and maybe in utero, that was my feeling. My birth mom has said that as soon as she knew she was pregnant with me, she would be giving me up for adoption. Was that it? Or was it waiting for a family to adopt me which happened when I was six months old. Apparently it’s something that quite often isn’t found unless randomly and when you’re over 55. The Louise Hay new thought pattern is, “I know I am supported by Life in grand and glorious ways. Live loves and cares for me.” I will say that today I am feeling very grateful and very thankful for all of the people in my life as well as my life in general. I didn’t feel that it was going to turn out to be cancer, but you never know. I’ve known far too many people lately who have been lost to cancer.


I would encourage anyone to listen to Louise Hay and her healing meditations. Our thoughts can really affect our lives and health. Our inner tapes on repeat - they can be good or they can be negative. She really spells it out and I will always be grateful to my friend, Debbie, who first told me about Louise Hay. It’s been a life-changer! I’ve shared that book (You Can Heal Your Life) with many people and many had already heard of it and had read it. Changing your life and healing your life are totally up to you. I believe that my life has changed and is healthier because of what I learned from that book and from Louise’s meditations. I felt that I’d done my inner work so that cancer wasn’t going to show on my PET scan.


Please feel free to reach out to me - prayers from those you don’t know can really be of help. My Mom sent my name to Unity Church and I know those helped. I am always happy to add you to my prayer list.

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Traci Owens
Traci Owens
20 oct 2023

We have way to many more dance moves in us to stop now…love you more than most😜😘😉

Me gusta

You are incredible my dear friend. You say it all so well 💜 Our minds are so powerful. You are so right - the mind and body are so connected and our thoughts do help create our reality. I am so grateful for your good news.

Me gusta
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