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Life and love

After having been to two celebrations of life in the last 8 days, some thoughts come to mind. Does it hurt to lose these people whom we love? Yes!

But oh what a life would it be without it? Without knowing these wonderful people in our lives? Not so rich, that's for sure. Until you go to one, you really may not know that person whom you've grown to respect, adore, or love. If you haven't known them for your whole life, you may hear wonderful, funny, heartwarming anecdotes from the people who've known them.

We can feel the heartache of their loss in the ones who loved them. We have our own sadness as their friend - wasn't it Shakespeare who said, it is "better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?"

I could not agree more. The joy and beauty of love is timeless. Few, if any of us, will live a life that does not have loss in it. It will irrevocably change your life - in big ways or small ways. It may make you more aware of being grateful for every morning that you wake up. It may make you more grateful to have the family that you have. It could make you realize how much your friends mean to you. It could be all of that and more.

Let us not take a day for granted for a life can be changed in a millisecond.

Let us show our love; feel our love, and be grateful we have love in our lives.

Let us be grateful for those whose lives touch ours and never forget that you, yes you, touch others' lives.

Let us be kind. To all people, places, and things - let us be kind.

Let us be reverent of life, love, family, and friends.

Let us not take things for granted.

For myself, one started as my friend's husband and then became a friend and the other started as a coworker who became one I respected.

To see the lovely people who came out to honor the departed ones was beautiful. I was honored to attend them both. I learned so much about those who have left at these events. More reasons to respect, admire, adore.

It also makes me realize that deeper relationships are so worthwhile. Make the time and effort. I want to be a person who is missed when I transition to the other side - I want to be a person who loved and was loved. Yes, I'm still waiting for that true romantic love, but I can say that I know I have truly wonderful relationships with family and friends. For those I am so very grateful.

Until next time - go forth and love.

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